Breakout Sessions

Updates on breakout sessions for the 2019 REaDY Summit!

The 2019 REaDY Summit offers unique breakout sessions that cover a wide range of topics. See below for a list of the breakout sessions included in the 2019 REaDY program.  All classes attending have been sent the list of breakout sessions and each student will pre-register for 2 breakout sessions.



Title and Description

1A (9:35am)
1B (9:35am)
1C (11:00am)
1D (11:00am)

Micro-Plastics: Not a Micro-Problem

In this breakout session students will learn about the dangers of microplastics and where microplastics are commonly found. Students will be introduced to alternatives and ways to prevent the production of microplastics.

Presented by: McNair Secondary School

2A (9:35am)
2B (9:35am)
2C (11:00am)
2D (11:00am)

Health Care? How About Air Care?

Take a deep breath! Smell that sweet, sweet air? This session will explore the impact of air pollution on your health and what you can do about it! It’ll be a breeze!

Presented by: Palmer Secondary School

3A (9:35am)
3B (9:35am)
3C (11:00am)
3D (11:00am)

Watt Are You Waiting For?

What can you do to save energy? We’ll be talking about what we can do at home and in our daily lives to save energy. Saving energy can be as easy as turning off the lights or lowering the heat. So watt are you waiting for?

Presented by: Burnett and McRoberts Secondary Schools

4A (9:35am)
4B (9:35am)
4C (11:00am)
4D (11:00am)

Save the Waves!

In this session students will be introduced to the impacts of climate change on our oceans. Students will learn about their relationship with water/oceans and discover simple solutions and actions they can take to reduce their impact. What will you do to help save the waves?

Presented by: Richmond Secondary School

5A (9:35am)
5B (9:35am)
5C (11:00am)
5D (11:00am)

Waste No Time

Students will be actively engaged as they explore how waste is dealt with and the impacts that it has on the environment. Students will learn how to manage the amount of waste they output and create their very own flexible packaging collection bin. It’s up to the next generation to save the planet. Waste No Time!

Presented by: Steveston-London Secondary School


6A (9:35am)
6B (9:35am)
6C (11:00am)
6D (11:00am)

Farm Future Foods

Our session is about the importance of sustaining food properly and how the disposal of food affects the environment. Here you will learn about how you can make a difference in your local community. With our help, we will teach you how you can take the first steps for a sustainable future!

Presented by: Richmond Secondary School