REaDY Summit 2018 offers unique workshops that cover a wide range of topics. See below for a list of the workshops included in the REaDY 2018 program.  All classes attending have been sent the list of workshops and each student will pre-register for a Session #1 Workshop and a Session #2 Workshop through their teacher.



Title and Description

1A (9:35am)
1B (9:35am)
1C (11:00am)
1D (11:00am)

Granny Smith Stories: A Hardcore Lesson

The apple falls far from the tree but not all of them make it. This workshop will give you the chance to explore the treacherous journey of an apple from its germination to your lunchbox. Scrumptious samples provided by celebrity chef, Ian Lai! Remember, not every apple gets its appley ever after.

Presented by: Palmer Secondary School

2A (9:35am)
2B (9:35am)
2C (11:00am)
2D (11:00am)

On Thin Ice: A Glimpse Into Arctic Wildlife

Right now, as you read this, several polar bears are experiencing a crisis, as their lovely homes are melting away! YOU can do something to stop it! Come by our workshop to learn why this is happening and how you can be the superhero of the future!

Presented by: Steveston-London Secondary School


3A (9:35am)
3B (9:35am)
3C (11:00am)
3D (11:00am)

60% of You: Water

It makes up 60% of us. It sustains all life on Earth. It’s everywhere around us. In this workshop, we will discuss water — how we impact our planet’s water sources, both as a society and as individuals, and how we can conserve it. “Water” you waiting for? Float our way!

Presented by: Burnett and McRoberts Secondary Schools

4A (9:35am)
4B (9:35am)
4C (11:00am)
4D (11:00am)

P³: Partner to Protect Your Park

Did you know all schools can adopt a Richmond park or trail? Learn about the Adopt-A-Park program as well as local invasive and native plants. Join us for a tour of the Cambie hollow and help us plant native plants!

Presented by: Cambie Secondary School

5A (9:35am)
5B (9:35am)
5C (11:00am)
5D (11:00am)

Sustainable Richmond

Did you know that Canada is the largest consumer of energy per capita in the world? When we think of Canada, we picture its pristine nature and livable cities. What we don’t see is Canada’s worsening problem of excessive energy consumption. In fact, even with all our resources, Vancouver is currently only ranked as the world’s 18th most environmentally friendly metropolitan area! Take the next step towards a more eco-friendly future for our world and join us at REaDY Summit 2018! Together we’ll start by making Richmond a sustainable city!

Presented by: Richmond Secondary School