REaDY 2019 Mentor: Laura Bamsey

We’d like to introduce some of the REaDY 2019 mentors that helped us put it all together. Starting off with Laura Bamsey, who works with Metro Vancouver and aims to make the ocean a more sustainable place.

‚ÄčThe Youth4Action program run by Metro Vancouver connects youth from across the region interested in sustainability. Laura is most proud of supporting connections and opportunities for students to learn from the community and one another. She enjoys organizing and planning events that offer the opportunity for students to share their success, build leadership skills and gain ideas and inspiration from one another. She is proud of the student leaders running initiatives, programs and conferences throughout Metro Vancouver schools. She also enjoys supporting students connect to their drinking water and watershed by organizing water related leadership clinics that provide an opportunity to discuss challenges and solutions in our local region.

She has been working in youth and student leadership related to sustainability for 11 years. She worked with/currently work with the Elements Society, BC Sustainably Energy Association, HASTe, Wild BC and Metro Vancouver Youth4Action. Laura grew up spending lots of time in nature with my family, which influenced my decision to do an Undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies. She also always enjoyed supporting youth and young people to learn new things and be inspired and take action, so she decided to bring those worlds together and work in Sustainability Education. 

Laura is currently supporting Youth4Action high school students to run Leadership Clinics and Events Across the Region, developing a high school climate change program and supporting schools to connect with nature and learn where their food comes from.

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